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Golitha Falls

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Golitha Falls is about 12 miles from Spring Park and a nice drive across some of Bodmin Moor. To get there you will drive through Rilla Mill, Upton Cross and on up to Minions. At Minions you will find landmarks such as The Hurlers and The Cheesewring and a good tea rooms so it’s worth a stop.  About two miles past Minions you will see a brown sign for Golitha Falls which will take you to a spacious car park there is a toilet there although when we visited today it wasn’t open so I wouldn’t rely on it!

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There are maps and information boards in and around the car park and at the entrance to Golitha Falls. We took the dogs with us today and they loved it. The river at the beginning of the walk is wide and quite shallow so they enjoyed splashing around and getting muddy! It has been quite dry lately so sometimes I imagine the water flows quite fast. The river flows through a steep sided wooded Valley and it is really beautiful with lots of places to sit and watch the water and to stop for a picnic. There are routes marked for you on the map in the car park with different lengths you can choose or you could try this one I found on I walk North Cornwall, which includes part of the moor as well.

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Have fun!

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