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I have been meaning to write a few notes about Tavistock for quite some time because it is a lovely little town roughly 10 miles from Spring Park. It is nestled right on the edge of Dartmoor so after you have had a wander around the town and a pub lunch you can go for a lovely walk across the moor!

I am sure I will add more discoveries to this post as I find more but this is just a general overview. Tavistock is an accent stannery town and has some beautiful local stone buildings including the remains of a Benedictine Abbey and the building that houses the Pannier Market.

Tavistock Pannier market is great lots of little shops inside a covered courtyard and on Tuesdays it includes vintage stalls where I have found some great bargains in the past. There are different things going on on different days and you can find out more on the Pannier Market Website. Beware though it is mostly closed on Mondays except in the middle of summer. Around the outside of the market are some nice little shops including a health food store, a quilting and craft shop and a vintage clothes shop there are also some nice cafe’s to grab a coffee.



It was bit quiet when we were here because it was half past three on one of the coldest days of the year so far! We had a wander round the market then popped into a couple of favourite shops in the town.

Odds and Suds  selling lovely handmade soaps, gifts and bits of vintage things it is a little treasure trove and the owner is really friendly. They are also about to open a new workshop in Trebullet about one mile from here which will offer soap making and floristry courses.

Inside Out is a lovely gift shop I have never been in there and left empty handed!

Liquorice boutique sells lovely clothes, jewellery and pretty homewares. I nearly got some doorhandles for the Duchess but they only had three and of course I needed four!

Neals Yard have also just opened up a store. I didn’t get a chance to pop in but I will be going back to check it out soon!

There are also plenty of great independent bakeries butchers and deli’s meaning you wouldn’t even have to go to the supermarket if you didn’t want to! To my shame I haven’t been out to eat there yet so I can’t recommend anywhere first hand. Some guests have eaten in The Cornish Arms and couldn’t recommend it enough…..think we will have to try that.

During the year there are also some great vintage and antique fairs and events in the town the next one I am aware of is the vintage and textile fair on the 14th of Feb


You can read more about Tavistock here

IMG_0069Oh and this might be the best weather vane I have ever seen.

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